Room arrange ment of the venue(Osaka International Convention Center) is here.


Speaker Ready Room is located on the 5th Floor near the Registration Desk (see layout).

Speaker Ready Room will open from Wednesday, July 3rd through Sunday, July 7th.

Wednesday, July 3rd7:00-17:00

Thursday, July 4th7:00-17:00

Friday, July 5th7:00-17:00

Saturday, July 6th7:00-17:00

Sunday, July 7th7:00-14:00

The Guideline for the oral presentations can be found at this Link.

1. Even if you have finished uploading the presentation through the dedicated website, ALL SPEAKERS PLEASE COME to the Speaker Ready Room and CONFIRM that your presentation is displayed as intended.

2. Please come to the Speaker Ready Room at least 4 (FOUR) hours before your session starts to upload and/or confirm your presentation.

3. For Special Session speakers, we have not asked the online uploading. However, please upload your presentation ON-SITE at the Speaker Ready Room. Do not use your own PC or do not load on the local PC in the session room.

4. For Workshop / Tutorial Speakers, please load your presentation on the LOCAL PC in the session room. You do not have to come to the Speaker Ready Room.

5. In some cases, we may allocate some PCs in the Speaker Ready Room to the priority use by speakers with short time left before their presentations.


The shuttle bus service between the JR Osaka Station and Rihga Royal Hotel (the Osaka International Convention Center) is available from 6:30-22:15 every 6 minutes during the EMBC'13.