EMBS enforces a "no show" policy. Any accepted paper included in the final program is expected to have at least one author to attend and present the paper at the conference. Authors of the accepted papers included in the final program who do not attend the Conference will be subscribed to a "No Show List", compiled by the Society. The "No Show List" will also be made available to all EMBS conference organizers, who can reject submissions from these authors in the following two years, based on their past negative impact on an EMBS conference.

The no show form must be completed and submitted by the corresponding author of any paper that has been included in the EMBC’13 program but the corresponding author or any co-authors are no longer able to attend and present the paper in the conference. If we do not receive the completed no show form, and you do not attend EMBC’13 and present your paper, you will be subscribed to the Society no show list.

Please submit this form via fax or email, +1-732-465-6435 or